Co-Hydro specializes in the design and installation of 50kW – 100kW Hydro Electric systems and can offer a range of options to clients and landowners of potential hydro electric sites.

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We have considerable experience in all aspects of developing hydro systems including:

  • Initial surveys and assessment
  • Permissions and planning applications
  • System design and fabrication
  • On-site installation.


Each system is custom designed to optimise the potential of a specific site.

Our turbines are supplied by HyDrover Turbines ltd, a company we have worked closely with over the past 6 years.

We use a locally recommended excavator operator otherwise all the work is done by our team.

 CAD System Design

Co-Hydro will manage the design and installation of a system from start to completion including all permissions, grid connection and FITs applications.

Every site and potential system is different and installation costs can vary widely.

The team will be happy to answer queries and can quickly assess the viability of a particular site and whether or not it falls within our range of 50 – 100 kW with a 4 to 6 year payback time on total costs.

Our hands on experience and approach has proved effective in keeping Installation times down, Capital costs and Payback times to a reasonable minimum.



  1. The site owner can entirely finance the system, Co-Hydro will manage all permissions, system design and installation. With this option the owner is responsible for the maintenance costs and receives all revenue.
  2. Shared finance / revenue options can also be arranged.
  3. Co-Hydro can entirely finance a system, managing all permissions, system design and installation with a fixed percentage of revenue going to the landowner.  



Company Number: 08598215