Our team are happy to answer any queries you may have about a potential site and can make an initial assessment of viability and generating capacity. This includes an initial desktop system design using our mapping and flow modelling software.


Detailed system designs and costs require a site based survey and initial consultations with SEPA (Environment agency) and the appropriate DNO (Distribution Network operator). This is the company that manages and maintains the power distribution network or local electricity grid in the area.

  • Assessing potential sites
  • On Site surveys and consultations
  • Detailed system designs with costs and schedules
  • Permissions, Planning and Grid connection
  • Finance options
  • System fabrication and installation
  • Ongoing maintenance.

In our experience an integrated approach to managing the development of a scheme is essential.
In particular, the process of acquiring all the appropriate permissions can become complicated and lead to delays
Our team works to ensure that all the relevant agencies have all the data and design information supplied with the relevant application forms to a clear schedule.



  1. The site owner can entirely finance the system, Co-Hydro will manage all permissions, system design and installation. With this option the owner is responsible for the maintenance costs and receives all revenue.
  2. Shared finance / revenue options can also be arranged.
  3. Co-Hydro can entirely finance a system, managing all permissions, system design and installation with a fixed percentage of revenue going to the landowner.